You can adopt from most countries, though a quarantine applies if you live in Europe (North America does not require for your pet to go through a quarantine period).

The animals' travel dates sometimes depend on when a flight volunteer is available to take them to their destination.

Please note the following:

- adoption fees apply. We are of course not-for-profit, but there are costs that we simply cannot cover for each cat or dog, to ensure they are given the right veterinary procedures to travel (microchip, jab, worming etc.) and to cover the cost of travel (transfer to the airport, cost of the animal's place on the plane, and if applicable, local travel costs from the airport to you); lastly, to cover the cost of the administrative certificate we have to obtain locally before your cat or dog can come live with you - the municipal authorities examine each pet and grant them permission to travel. Typically adopters pay a set fee** upon agreeing to adopt their pet - this must happen before medical procedures to prepare your animal to travel (including their quarantine if travelling to Europe) can take place. Travel costs can be settled as transport plans are confirmed.

- you may be asked a few questions regarding your home and what you are looking for in your pet before being able to adopt as we need to ascertain the well-being and safety of all our little proteges! This comes in the form of a questionnaire. Simple!

- home checks are crucial for us to make sure each animals is going to join the right family. It is our responsibility to make sure the cats and dogs we place are entrusted to families that can provide for them and are compatible with them, and that they will not be exposed to any distress, danger or discomfort once adopted. This is usually a simple formality if you know how to keep a cat or dog safe, comfortable, clean and happy!

- we do our best to place cats in indoor-only homes as we have witnessed too many traffic accidents and adopted cats going missing because they were allowed to  roam. Exceptions can be made in specific cases, when NO roads are close to the adopters' home and all other risks are carefully considered and addressed, and cats are then allowed outside gradually.

**  Adoption fees:


- For cats, adoption fees amount to 168 Euros plus travel costs.

- For dogs, the cost is approx. $140.00 plus travel and crate.


- For dogs, the cost is around €326.00 plus travel and crate.

- For cats, adoption fees amount to €370.00 plus travel costs.

The price for Europe is higher because of the required 170 Euro titer test.

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If you live outside these areas but wish to adopt a pet please get in touch!